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s2e3 The Last Laugh - Before the Bat: The Gotham Podcast

s2e3 The Last Laugh - Phil, Kelley & Tyler discuss the latest episode of the second season of Gotham.  Learn more, subscribe, or contact us at  You can write to us at and let us know what you think.  Be sure to rate us and review the episode.  It really helps other people find us.  Thanks!  

-Tyler liked Jerome.

-Where are Montoya & Allen?
-Is Theo a member of the Court of Owls?
-Alfred tried too hard!
-Say no to Barbara as the Joker!
-Where is the Mayor?
-The start of disorganized crime.
-Bruce Wayne’s mental trauma.
-Alfred getting Botox.
-Theo is a pain in the neck!
-Gotham City--Where loonies are welcome!
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