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World’s Finest 3-23-2016: Bruce is Back & the REAL Superman

Teen Titans #18—Lilith-3, Phil-3
Deathstroke #16—Phil-3
Cyborg #9—Lilith-3.5
Superman: Lois & Clark #6—Lilith-4.25, Phil-4.5
Wonder Woman #50—Lilith-2.5
We Are Robin #10—Lillith-3.5, Phil-3.5
Batman & Robin Eternal #25—Lilith-3.5, Phil-4
Grayson #18—Lilith-4.5 (Lilith’s pick of the week), Phil-4.5
Batman #50—Lilith-3.5, Phil-4.5 (Phil’s pick of the week)
Secret Six #12—Charlie-4
Show notes:
World’s Finest 3-23-2016: Bruce is Back & the REAL Superman!

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